Dog Behavior in the Domestic Dog

 Causes for Dog Behavior Changes in the Domestic Dog

After an Injury or Surgery

 If a dog is injured or has had a medical procedure, the effects of pain and anesthia affect each dog differently. Some are on edge and very frightened. Some may come out of it just fine and don’t miss a beat with everyday life. This situation may challenge your dog to react in a way that is not typical for that individual. This is something that , we, as pet owners need to be sensitive to the dog’s needs and capabilities after the initial event.sickdog

Showing Agression

There are different reasons why dogs show aggression. Some have medical issues. Some have their environment change. Others may be a type of breed that was irresponsibly bred and have tendencies toward agrression. Their environmentally situation and Medical issues are #1. Sure some mothers will act aggressive, but that is for the protection and well being of their babies. Aggression can also be caused by hormones in male dogs that are un neutered.

Peeing in the House

Peeing in the house, is not a behavior dogs exhibit to “get back” at their owners. There is a medical condition, such as a urinary tract infection, or maybe another issues like kidney stones. This requires a visit to the vet.  

Another reason is their  owner, the human, is misreading  behavioral ques that their pet is giving them. This in turn causes a lot of frustration for the owner.  

Sudden Behavior Changes

Sudden changes in behavior can be caused by numerous things, from a change in environment, for example moving into a new home or going into a shelter or rescue, to a medical condition, such as loss of sight or seizures,  to breeding and many more.

As a pet owner, is our duty to our pets to provide the necessary treatment to help our dogs live a happy & healthy life. We at least owe them that.


 Pay attention to your dog’s beghavior and body language. Once you figure out why your dog is acting the way it does, you can then provide medical treatment, training or the necessary items in your house to insure the dog is not a danger to himself or anyone else. It will be a much happier pet.happydog

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