Dogs and Everyday Behavior

Dogs Need Good Nutrients (food)

Your pet needs a healthy balance of nutritional kibble and the right amount of kibble (food) appropriate for their age & weight. There is always the debate of which form of food for your dog is better. Raw or Kibble? I can tell you that whether you feed raw or to kibble, make an educated decision on which you believe would be a better health choice for your dog(s). If you choose to kibble, make sure it has the 1st ingredient as meat. For example Chicken, beef, turkey & etc. It should not say “by-product” or “meal” or worse, corn. Find a nutritional food within your budget and availability.

Snacks or Treats are okay in moderation. Please Do Not use any dog treats made in China. The history of these treats have made dogs sick, or worse, killed them.

feeding your goldens

Exercise is Awesome

Exercise is one of the #1 activities your dog should be participating in for overall body health and condition. Just like in humans, after exercise, endorphins are produced by the body which makes for a calmer, happier person. It is the same in dogs. This is a great time to train them. Their minds are more focused after exercise versus becoming frustrated with pinned up energy. In turn both Human and dog are frustrated while training new behaviors if the dog was not exercised before beginning training. Throwing a ball or Frisbee ~ is a great form of exercise, if your dog retrieves well. Swimming ~ is an excellent form of exercise. Its stress free on the joints, especially for aging dogs and it builds muscle tone. Swimming is often used to rehabilitate dogs after an injury. Hiking or Running ~ both great cardiovascular exercises for both human & dog. If you can’t run, ride a bike and let your dog run.



Playtime can be between you and your dog. For example, playing with a tug toy. There are toys that are less physical but allow your dog to exercise its brain instead. Puppy Puzzles are excellent, because the dog has to figure out how to get the treats out of the different compartments. The possibilities are endless, because you can make up games with your dog such as, hiding a toy in the house and asking your dog to “go find it”. Another awesome game is get a treat or piece of food in one hand, close both hands in a fist, then present both hands together, still hands closed in a fist, let your dog smell each fist and they should choose the one with the food in it. Praise them when they find it and the food a great reward.

Dog Parks ~ are a great “playtime” activity. They get to play and socialize with other dogs and they get exercise to boot.

Dog Friendly places ~ Dog Training classes, Stores that allow your dog inside, Pet fairs & Pet Festivals. Dog Events ~ Herding Classes, Earth Dog events, Dock dog diving events, weight pulling events, Lure coursing events, Barn Hunt events and many more events that your dog can participate in.


Nutrition, exercise and playtime are all great ways to keep your dog’s behavior and energy level under control. It just makes sense for a happier healthier pet inside and out. So go out and challenge their mind and body.

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