Nature vs Nuture

Nature vs Nuture, or in othe rwords, Genetics vs Environment.   Does this really play a big part in your dog’a behavior? You bet it does.  Lets take a look at each , Nature and Nuture and then compare them for the facts. There have been many studies of the impact of these two factors on humans and animals.


Nature, the elements of the natural world.”Nature” means the influence of an individual’s genetic make-up on their development and learning  More specifically the genetics/traits/behavior of a species as its genetic makeup. The species we are talking about is Canine.


Nuture,  means the impact of the individual dog’s human family, socialization, exercise, environment and upbringing.

Helping Your Dog with Nature

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Nuturing Your Dog

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Australian Shepherds Obedience


The Best example I can give you for Nature vs Nuture is the movie “Trading Places” starring Eddie Murphy & Dan Akroyd.  There are numerous studies done on humans and animals proving is it the make up of an animal that is its genetic makeup or the environment in which it is raised.




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